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    My Thoughts...Blog...What To Do In Granada If You Are on Your Own

    What To Do In Granada If You Are on Your Own….


    "He rolled his hands against my flesh. He stood with his belly near my head and pushed against the tops of my arms. When finally he was finished, he lay the towel gently over me and I was drunk with pleasure. It took all I had just to sit up."


    I had a massage twenty-five years ago at an aromatherapy centre in London. I went because some girlfriends wanted to go and because aromatherapy was relatively new then and I was curious.


    I hated it. Inside the freshly painted walls of a Kensington clinic, a girl with a white smock and dainty hands rubbed ylang ylang oil over me as I counted backwards from a thousand, wishing at the outset that this forty minutes of pampering would end.


    Given my early experience with massage, I was wary of getting one at the hammam in the beautiful city of Granada, where my son was taking a week of language classes during spring break and I was reluctantly getting over a love affair...


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    My Thoughts ....Blog ...How to Break Up In Granada

    How to break up in Granada


      "He was generous. He discovered I loved tulips and brought me bouquets in every colour. He gave me romantic gifts -- chocolate and lingerie and books of poetry...He brought tea on trays to bed, watched me in the bath, talking to me as I stretched out in the warm water. He drew me into his arms at night and held me. You are everything I have been missing, he said, as though his longing for me began years ago, even before we’d met. I was always looking for you."


    Here’s why it happened. I got involved with a man who was wonderful—and I do mean that--until you suggested to him that he was doing something (anything) wrong or that he ought to apologize. An example: he told me I had been too strict with my kids. I am not too strict with my kids, but he wasn’t even talking about being strict. He was talking about table manners. He thought it was wrong to teach them to lay a table...


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    My thoughts...Blog...A Word On Agents

    A Word On Agents 

    "Mix in a little maverick, a little risk-taking and a whole lot of confidence, and you get a great agent."


    A writer may think of agents in London, New York and elsewhere as gateways to publication in a major house, or she may consider them as fortresses that barricade her from the world of publishing and all her hopes in that direction.


    They are both, of course. At times, they may seem elusive, discouraging, and wholly disinterested in anyone who isn’t already in the media with a grand following. They attend parties and launches and awards dinners for already-established authors, and appear to have no interest whatsoever in bringing aspiring authors into the fold.


    By contrast, agents can dazzle you with attention. Sell a few stories, or appear in a newspaper article with what seems like a good non-fiction idea, or have another writer slip your manuscript into the right hands, and suddenly you are treated like a celebrity...


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