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About Marti Leimbach
I began writing because I could not imagine any other profession. My mother, a journalist, was forever at the typewriter or on the phone, and I thought in the natural progression of things I would do the same …more

July 4 Oxfam, Reading Market Place 8 High Street, Reading, RG1 2EA 0118 939 3868 10:30 am  …more

Latest book - The Man From Saigon
The Man From Saigon"Leimbach does an impressive job of evoking the frenetic chaos of Saigon and the claustrophobia and suffocating humidity of the dense jungle, while her story has a vivid immediacy as it flashes backwards and forwards in a deliberately disorienting fashion. The result is intense and gripping..."

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It is always wonderful to get a starred review and I was delighted to see that The Man From Saigon got a terrific starred review from Publisher's Weekly.…more

Daniel Isn't Talking
Daniel Isn't Talking

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