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    Blog...It Was Better Than Sex

    Better Than Sex…

    "I have been reckless in the pursuit of love, never afraid to ask or describe to a man how I want to be touched, but I have never been touched like this, would not have known to ask. In the glowing light from candles set against the terracotta walls, a man whose name I don’t know, shows me what I ought to have been looking for all along."


    The marble table is heated and wet so when you lie on it there is almost no friction. To move a limb, you slip right, left, up, down as though you are skating on hot ice. The young Spaniard with a heavy beard and a red tank top loose across his shoulders tells me to lie on my back, then gently rolls me, his hand on my hip, until I am in the right position for him to work on.

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    ...Blog...E-booking...part one! Proofing the Pages

    Ebooking...part one! Proofing the Pages

    "Visiting my old self through the novel, re-reading the words of that young woman of twenty-five years ago, is an extraordinary experience, like finding an old diary."

    I shouldn’t be blogging right now, but continuing my proofreading of my first book, the 1990 novel, Dying Young, that will be coming out as an e-book within the next few months. That is, if I can stop myself taking pictures of myself, my kids, my dogs, my friends, and sending to Facebook and Twitterland. As much fun as I have on Twitter and Facebook, I must remember to do the main thing: writing.

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    ...Blog...Traits of Successful Writers: The Single Biggest Thing


    "Our relationship to the blank page is the most important one we have as writers. We must see it as an opportunity, not as a threat."

    Book deals come and go. A working writer has to write through all the good and bad times. We need to develop useful habits and traits if we are going to be one of the people who “make it” in the long run. Who write and are read for the whole of our lives or as long as we wish to anyway.

    So what are these traits?

    The first 6 are within previous blogs – please have a look! Meanwhile, I have several more to share. However, today, I’m going to focus on an important singular one...

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    ...Blog...Three MORE Traits of Successful Writers

    Three MORE Traits of Successful Writers

    "You need these people more than you realize, especially if you are successful. Successful writers are seldom given honest advice by others – who would dare? And yet all of us need it."

    In the past twenty five years of publishing, I’ve seen a lot of people drop out even though they are truly talented, capable, even world-class writers. It wasn’t because they didn’t have success (some did, some did not). I don’t think it was even a matter of luck. I think that there are traits one can acquire, or remember, or emphasize that will help keep you in the game, as a working writer. The first three are explained in a previous blog. What follows here are the next few that you might keep in mind...

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